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The Studio

I used to have a studio in a busy plaza.  However, I just wasn't comfortable there. I had a neighbor who hated hearing the kids make noise and there were issues with parking for my clients.

So, last year I decided to create a beautiful home studio at my house in Murphy, and I have been so happy!

There are so many benefits to having a home studio for me. I have access to food and snacks for the kids.

I have a nice full bathroom when needed, and in fact it was needed during a session when a small child went to the bathroom on themselves. I was even able to wash their clothes for them!  I can now also do outside portraits as well as studio, so it's like getting two sessions in one!

I want my clients to be comfortable. I want them to feel at home.

If my babies cry, mom doesn't need to feel stressed.

My little clients can now scream their heads off, and have fun, and no one complains!

Now that is the best studio to have!


Client Closet

I have a very extensive client closet. From couture dresses to long beautiful maternity gowns, there is something for everyone.


I also have boy's outfits as well as flower bonnets, hair bows, and more. 



I have everything you need for the perfect newborn session!

From beautiful hand made outfits to gorgeous props, wraps and blankets. I have something for every color and every style.

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